Around Dawn

Alarms went off at dawn 

And sheepishly you peeled yourself from my mattress 

Peering at you with balmy

I traced lines across your shoulders 

Leaning over to kiss each retracting muscle 

My pillows smelled of you 

Sweet and strong 

With lingering flares from our ardent harmonies 

I could have kissed you a thousand times

I latched on to your hand as you began to dress 

Beckoning you to stay

But our time was up

The moon had gone back into hiding 

The glare from my window reminding us of where we had to be

Before you left I leaned my head against your chest 

Breathing you in one last time

As you wrapped your arms  tightly around me 

You kissed me sweetly upon my forehead 

And I felt I could love you 

And that maybe I did

If just a little.

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