Mule Madness

Mule, a french word derives as the meaning of a hybrid, suchlike the animal in which it shares its name, as it fuses a pump with its partially or fully closed toe and a slipper, open in the back style. The mule trend has come around in many variations, popularized in the 70’s and 80’s. In the 70’s they were clogs when scandenavian styled trends were at an all time high. Thereafter mules became a hot statement piece in the 1980’s as a platform style.

The term derives from the Ancient Roman mulleus calceus a red or purple shoes worn by the three highest magistrates, although there is little indication of any structural resemblance. Calques, the latin word for boot or shoe in ancient rome. Roman Magistrates were elected officials in Ancient Rome, during the time of the Roman kingdom the King of Rome, was the principal magistrate.When the king dies his power was given to the roman senate who facilitated the election of the new king.

Later these shoes went on to become quite popular in the french court, worn by the likes of Marie Antoinette.. Monolo blahnik.  



By Jessie Cole

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