Eden More Than Face


Co-founder Eden heath, also known as Eden MoreThanFace is deeper than looks and whatever you may perceive her to be at first glance. The perfect combination of refined and ratchet. A BedStuy Brooklyn native and brownstone dweller. This trap loving, confetti throwing, hard working, nutella dipping, bubble blowing, pink accessory having, milly rocking, beauty enthusiast is an immeasurable amount of fun.

Eden was a love baby, born April 2nd of 1991. She easily grew to be a lover of people and good times. She has the ability to see the good in everyone and help them become their greatest self. As Eden began to glow older she realized the importance of self preservation. In order to be truly beneficial to others you have to take care of yourself. Self love has become a priority which is new for her. Eden’s personal mantra is: You are beautiful. You are worth it. Apply coconut oil and prosper. She would encourage you to be generous with the coconut oil.

Most of her life what Eden looked like and not who she was internally, structured her path. Many ppl believed her face was all she was so thats all she could be. Her aspirations of modeling, makeup artistry and beauty, shifted into a journey of self-discovery. Eden decided to no longer live in the shadows and fears of what other people wanted her to be or weren’t brave enough to become. Focusing on strengthening mind, body and soul; from the inside out. Eden is currently on the GlowUP.

Budding entrepreneur, beauty influencer and overall joy seeker. We would never suggest you assume what Eden would or wouldn’t do, she has a way of surprising you.

Eden sets out to reflect the real life and not the pretty picture. Prepare to delve into her personal development as she tackles personal struggles, insecurities and fears. All while attaining her  dreams. Eden sets out to inspire, relate and encourage her audience to do better as they watch her glow up.

From love stories – to tips and tricks for a great contour, Eden is sure to keep you fully entertained. Proving to you that there is beauty in everything, not just the superficial but the vulnerability of life.

“You are beautiful. You are worth it. Apply coconut oil & prosper”.