Jess and The City


Born and raised in the city of dreams, the uber-enthusiastic, witty, fashionista and TTG Co-founder Jessie Cole’s life long fervor for art and fashion, has led her through many different channels within the  apparel industry. Known for her bubbly persona and versatile style, often combining avant-garde and street wear aesthetics the self-proclaimed Super Woman started her first apparel and accessory business at age 8. Over the next several years she educated herself in different facets of the fashion industry to ensure she had a well-rounded background.

Lover of all things creative, poetry, art and music however she always found the easiest way to express herself was through her clothing, each outfit reflecting her mood, as a means to uplift or compliment it. She fell for vintage at a young age, finding love in it’s artisanal construction. Collecting jewelry and September issues the part time vegan Jess loves adventure, long runs, volunteering, cooking for friends and sinking into a good book. With her optimistic and lighthearted persona you’re likely never to see her without a smile upon her face.

With aspirations of creating a sustain contemporary RTW collection and pushing the sustainable fashion movement to new heights. We welcome you upon Jessie’s journey. You can expect to see more of the Brooklyn native and fashion enthusiast’s, bright spirit and inspirational rants on There They Glow.