Remington B. Beauty

IMG_0983 (1)One third of the There They Glow team, Remington is a charismatic introvert who has always enjoyed being immersed in the world as much as she enjoys a quiet nook and a good book. Fashion has always been an intricate part of her life, taking inspiration from the world around her and style notes from both of her grandmothers growing up. Her style is a mix of Breakfast at Tiffany’s meets Brooklyn Bred; a true city girl- she enjoys a pair of 5-inch stilettos for a night out, sky high wedges for brunch and sneakers with a feminine flair on any given day. She is no stranger to the twists and turns that life can throw at you and though she veered at one point, she has found her way back to her roots: Beauty and Fashion. Over the last several years Remington chose to fully embrace her natural hair and this journey is what opened her eyes to the world of hair care, a stronger sense of self and a deeper understanding into skin care, makeup and the roles they play in society and media. Soaking up all of the videos, books, and articles she could find, she realized that this world was so intrinsically connected to Fashion that she just needed to find a way to create a space for her to share her love for both. You can easily find her discussing an up coming beauty trend. With aspirations to become a Beauty Editor, she is working towards her dream daily. Creating a platform for her and others to showcase their talents and stories is something that felt right the minute it was first discussed. She hopes that There They Glow will grow to be an open space of shared journeys filled with the successes, the failures and those who persevered and stuck to their dreams despite whatever odds were thrown against them.